Nook Color Review

The Nook Color (styled “nook color” or “NOOKcolor”) is the most recent version of the Nook e-reader device by Barnes & Noble. It is a 7-inch tablet with full-color multitouch touchscreen input. The device is designed for full-color viewing of books, newspapers, magazines, and children’s picture books. A limited number of the children’s books available for the Nook Color include interactive animations and the option to have a professional voice actor read the story. It was announced on 26 October 2010 and shipped on 16 November 2010.

nook Color Pros:
7-inch display yields perfect size for one-handed operation
LCD display performs well during reading and Web browsing
Very easy to use, great integration with B&N store for books and periodicals
Integrated Web browser, games and audio player; Email and other apps on the way
Excellent Price
Android OS offers some hope of upgrade paths
Easily hacked to run Android 2.2 and 3.0 (Note: Rooting will void warranty)

nook Color Cons:

Glitchy Wi-Fi connectivity on my review unit
LCD display is arguably harder on eyes than e-ink during long-term reading
limited use as a “true” tablet computer
Web browser lacks Flash support and performance of cutting-edge mobile browsers
No 3G data option

Best For:
Anyone looking for an LCD-based e-reader with the bonus of built-in Web browsing. Barnes & Noble loyalists wanting an e-reader that can handle magazines as well as books. Android fans wanting a cheap tablet to tinker with.

Because of its advantages, many websites made high evaluation for it.

“Nook Color may not make anyone with skin in the mobile media reader game happy. … [But others,] millions and millions of people — who have a phone and a PC, who don’t scour the web for tech news, and for whom a device that costs $250 that does a little bit of everything pretty well and a subset of things extremely well is extremely compelling proposition.”

“You can think about the Nook Color as a stripped-down tablet focused on reading or a very fancy ebook reader. … That context will ultimately determine how you feel. For now, you’ll be much happier if you think about it as the latter. But it’s arguably the first seven-inch device that’s been designed to be one from the beginning, rather than a puffed-up phone.”

“But besides all the reading you’ll be doing with the Color, you’re also buying into a potentially much bigger proposition — namely, the idea that come Q1, this thing will be a viable Android tablet with an app store of its own.”


“Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color is a very capable color touch-screen e-book reader–and delivers some notable extras–for half the price of an iPad.”

“More than an ebook reader, less than a full-blown tablet, the Nook Color’s artful compromises make for a compelling, color reading experience that is ideal for both books and magazines.”

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