Many people encountered this problem, when they put some MP4 files on Xoom, but Xoom can’t play these MP4 files. What’s wrong? We know Xoom supports MP4 format. However, not all of the MP4 movies can be played on Xoom. Xoom only supports very few video formats and video encoders, like MP4, H.264, H.263, etc. Only video format and video encoding are correct, Xoom can play it. So if your MP4 file can be played on Xoom, you need to convert MP4 to the correct video encoding.

For it, I recommend a powerful MP4 to Xoom converter called Foxreal Video Converter to solve this problem. It can convert the MP4 file that Xoom can’t play to Xoom with the optimal format (MP4, H.264, 1280*800) to help you get the best enjoyment. If your original video resolution is less than 1280*800, I suggest you don’t adjust the resolution, just keep original resolution. Otherwise the image will be stretched.

Apart from converting MP4 to Xoom workable format, you can also use its powerful editing functions according to your needs, such as such as cropping, trimming, deinterlacing, replacing audio line, adding watermark or effect, rotating video, adjusting volumn, etc, and combining all the files into a single file also can be achieved by this powerful MP4 to Xoom converter. What’s more, with is advanced audio and video sync technology, you will never meet any audio and video problem.

It is worth mentioning that this ideal MP4 to Xoom converter adopts exclusive NVIDIA CUDA accelerate technology, which supports to convert MP4 movies that Xoom can’t play to Xoom with up to 500% faster speed on a CUDA-enabled graphics card machine. With this great MP4 to Xoom converter, you can easily play MP4 movies on Xoom.

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