Many users encountered such a problem, after converting movies or movies to Galaxy S 2 supported format, they can’t import them to the smartphone. For it, I tried my best and finally found a popular way by using Samsung Kies. Now let me share them with you.

To start, you should ensure that the Samsung Kies is installed on your computer. If not, you can download the program here:
Download Kies for Windows | Download Kies for Mac

Or, you can directly download the program from the Samsung website (

Step 1: Connect the multifunction jack on your Galaxy S2 to your Windows/Mac by using a data cable.

Hint: The Samsung Kies will launch automatically. If the program doesn’t automatically launch, just double-click the Kies icon on your Windows or Mac.

Step 2: Copy films, videos or music from the computer to your Galaxy S2.

After getting movies, video or music files onto your Galaxy S2 , you could easily enjoy them wherever you go.

Hopefully you can Transport Movies/Music to Galaxy S 2 with Samsung Kies successfully.

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